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Women who complete any one of the self defense classes report a huge jump in their confidence of actually being able to use the techniques because they have actually used them during the course, full-force against a male attacker.  One of the huge advantages of this method is that it was developed for regular, non-martial arts females largely  through the experimentation and development by regular, non-martial  arts females.  It was NOT developed by Special Forces commandos.  It was NOT developed by elite law enforcement trainers.   The program’s success stems from the fact that regular women can easily learn and retain the techniques.   This came from years of studying real life sexual assaults and developing effective, gross-body responses applied in a carefully controlled escalation of stress and realistic role-playing.

FIGHT LIKE A WOMAN(FLAW) – This class replaces Fight Like A Girl

This is the most popular course taught in the series.  It is centered on the “Stay with People”principle and covers the most common sexual assault scenarios. (*Sexual assault scenarios means the student will actually learn how to escape from the very same positions in which rapists carry out their attacks.)  This class is especially effective for attacks in parking lots, parking garages and other areas where it is imperative that you not be taken to a secondary location.  Students learn effective defense chokes, hits, and grabs.  They learn to escape the dreaded and deadly “blitz” attack from behind as well as how to defend their space and keep an attacker from conducting a successful “interview”.

$75.00 per person



 This module centers on the “Go to People” principle and is probably the module most often taught initially in high schools and universities by instructors.  The module covers date rape scenarios. It provides the tactics and techniques students need to defend against an attack.  This class is designed to defend against attacks that can be perpetrated by acquaintances. Evidence shows that 75% of all attacks are committed by an acquaintance.

$75.00 per person


One of the most common questions women have is, “but what if he’s holding a knife against my throat?”.  You must be prepared to defend against an armed attacker.  This course is designed to provide responses that allow a woman to neutralize an attack until help can arrive.  Techniques include defense against being strangled , beaten , stabbed or shot .  The principle here is “Stay Alive” long enough to escape.
$75.00 per person


This class was created in response to the success of the DAW module.  In the process of successfully defending themselves against an armed attacker, DAW students often end up with the attacker’s weapon.  The question becomes, ” what do I do with it now?”  Victims have reported they have had opportunities to grab the attacker’s weapon, but chose not to because they didn’t have the knowledge of what to do with it.  W4W teaches a streamlined approach that allows women to pick up any weapon and effectively use it.  Just as importantly, is that the module teaches a very effective techniques for retaining your weapon from an attacker. This module has also proven to be popular with women who currently carry a weapon for self-defense.

$75.00 per person

 When a man attacks another man, it’s for his money or his life-BUT, when a man attacks a women it’s for her money, life OR her body.

Here are some terrible facts:

One in 4 women or 25% of women you know have been or will be sexually assaulted. Research and statistics by various local, state, and federal agencies are starting to realize this is a low figure.  Many sexual assaults go unreported because women feel embarrassed, ashamed, or plainly that no one will believe them.  Some are merely charged as aggravated assault because it is easier to prove than a sexual assault.  What is the real number of sexual assaults against women?  Newer statistics show the number is closer to 40%!

According to the American Medical Association (AMA) over 61% of female sexual assault victims are under the age of 18. Cases of sexual assaults against children show that about 90% are committed by older males on younger girls and almost 75% of these offenses are committed by people they know – fathers, relatives, family friends and acquaintances, or intimate partners.

BUT listen to this:
Women who resist are twice as likely to escape injury as those who don’t.
An analysis of 3,000 actual sexual assault cases show that half of the attackers fled from a woman who was willing to resist!  The key is to learn how to resist effectively.


This course is designed to introduce ladies with little or no experience to defensive pistol techniques.  This class is set where ladies can learn in a comfortable environment.  By the end of this class, you will have a greater knowledge, the skill and confidence to defend yourself and your family with a firearm.

8-9 hours.

 Some Topics to be Covered:

  • Firearm Safety
  • Defensive Mindset
  • Legal Issues
  • Magazine Changes/Reloads
  • Revealing Dangerous Misconceptions
  • Choosing a Firearm for Self Defense

Equipment Required:

  • Handgun(Rentals available)
  • Strong Side Holster (no shoulder or cross draw allowed)
  • Sturdy Belt
  • 2 Extra Magazines/Speed Loaders and Pouches
  • 150 Rounds of Ammunition Minimum
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Water and Snacks
  • Please wear comfortable clothing -NO V-NECK shirts.
  • Jacket and hat according to weather.

To register please contact us.

Experience Required:


Class Size: 4 – 8 students                           Cost: $195.00 per person