Customer Reviews

What women are saying about Rape Escape classes:

“I  have a left leg disability- it doesn’t bend as well as my right, so I felt I couldn’t defend myself, but the positions put me in a place that I can use both my legs effectively.  Seeing that we can have the power to protect ourselves is liberating.”
Ann S.

“Great Experience! I loved every second of it.  Amazing learning experience.” 
It was awesome!  You guys are great teachers.  I would personally like more full blast fighting time, but other than that I had a blast!”
It was great!  It is really empowering to learn the easy steps to protect myself. I want all my family and friends to learn this.  The hands-on makes it really memorable. Thank You.”
“Thank you again for the Rape Escape evening.  We received very positive feedback from the parents and the girls and want us to repeat the program again for other girls.”
Paula D.

“I think this is a great program that I wish I had learned about a long time ago.  All I can say is, I will try to drag every woman I care about into one of your classes.”

“I liked the simplicity.  I really liked it.”