Frequently Asked Questions



Q: I’ve been shooting my whole life. Why do I need a firearms class?

A: There is a big difference between shooting for recreation and fighting for your life.  We don’t just teach you how to shoot a firearm, we teach you how to fight with it!


Q:Do I need a gun for your firearms classes?

A: No, if you are new to firearms or don’t own one, we suggest that you use one of ours.


Q: Where does the average self defense shootings take place? What conditions? What distances?

A:  The greatest number of  defensive shootings happen in the home, in low light and at extremely close quarters.




Q: How can I bring these women’s self defense modules to my company, church or organization?
A: Easily!  Simply send us an email at extremedefenseusa@gmail.com with your request.  We will contact you usually within 48 hours to discuss which class you would like to offer.  We will look at our calendars and find the best date and time to have the classes.

A:Of Course!  These classes are designed for average women to learn vital skills to keep themselves safe.

A: Women and girls 12 and older. We are working on classes for younger girls; some exceptions can be made concerning the age of girls in the classes-please be aware of the sensitive nature of these classes. With the exception of the padded male attacker, men are not allowed in the class, to participate or watch.  Because of the nature of the curriculum and ideas discussed, our student’s comfort level is paramount.  Creating a safe and supportive atmosphere is vital to  their understanding of the techniques.  Many women have modesty issues and frankly having a bunch of guys watching the class is creepy.

A: Count on being at the class for two and a half to three hours.  Depending on the class size and the amount of questions our students have, the class times vary.  Rarely do they exceed three hours.  And yes, we do take breaks during the class!

Q: How much does each class cost?
Each class costs $55.00 per person.  Contact us for group and corporate rates.

Q: Can I take the class more than once?
Of course!  Many students return so they can practice and brush up on their skills.

Q: What can I expect to get out of the class?
You can expect to learn techniques that will help you successfully defend against every woman’s worst nightmare – sexual assault.  Most women leave the class feeling more empowered and much more confident should they find themselves in a serious situation.


Q: Where can I take classes?
You have several options. We schedule “living room classes” at your house for groups of 6 to 12 women or we can schedule a class at your company,church or organization. You could also participate in a class that is scheduled with a local business in your area.

 Krav Maga

Q: Why should people train in Israeli Krav Maga?

A: We are NOT a martial arts program! We are a hand-to hand “modern” combat system teaching defenses against “modern” threats!

Even though we borrow techniques from Jujitsu, Muay Thai and other systems, we only teach what is applicable on the street in real life situations!

Israeli Krav Maga teaches and trains in an “aggressive mindset” unparalleled in other combat systems. Any good instructor will tell you it’s the mindset that makes the difference in life and death situations!

Whether Gun, Knife, Stick or empty hand, we will teach you the aggressive Israeli mindset that stacks the odds in your favor of surviving today’s threats!



Q: What if I don’t meet the minimum requirement for students?

A: Contact us for prices for your group.


Q: There are no dates that fit my schedule, what can I do?

A: Contact us to find a date that will fit your calendar.


Q: What is available for lodging?

A: There are hotels and cabins available for rent.  There are also campgrounds and RV parks in the area.


Q: Are my meals included?

A: We will provide you with a sack lunch each day.  There are several restaurants in town for you to chose from.