Our Team


We are a family based organization that is dedicated to providing individuals the skills, techniques and mindset necessary to defend themselves against aggressive attacks.
We offer a reality-based training system that is practical, safe and family-oriented, designed for all levels and ages.
Our focus is not on law enforcement, military or civilian contractors, even though some of these individuals choose to train with us. Our passion is training ordinary people to survive in extreme situations.


Brian Moffatt

Certified Israeli Krav Maga Instructor

Israeli Combat Systems Instructor

Certified NRA Handgun Instructor

Certified NRA Home Defense Instructor

Certified Arizona  Concealed Carry Instructor

Senior Instructor for Women’s Self Defense  through Defend University

 Sheila Moffatt

Certified Women’s Self Defense Instructor through Defend University

Krav Kids Instructor

Firearms Instructor


Certified Israeli Krav Maga Instructor

Firearms Instructor

Search & Rescue Specialist


Certified Israeli Krav Maga Instructor

Firearms Instructor

Former Naval Special Operations Team Member


AZ POST Certified  Police Officer, Retired

Certified AZ POST General Instructor

Certified SWAT Operator and K-9 Handler


Former Army Special Response Team Member

Army Narcotic & Patrol K-9 Handler

AZ POST Certified Police Officer