Our courses/camps are non-refundable.  In the event of an emergency, you may transfer to a different class within a 3 month period.


Introduction to Defensive Pistol

This class is designed for the individual with little or no DEFENSIVE firearms experience.


Extreme Firearms Class

This is a six month curriculum where the student will be immersed into the real world of defensive firearms and tactics. $125.00 per person/monthly


 Ladies Only Defensive Pistol

This course is designed to introduce ladies to defensive handgun tactics.   $145.00 

C.Q.B. Class

In this class, you will learn how too truly “defend ones castle” from the modern day threat of home invasions, rape, theft and robberies.    $100.00

Intermediate Defensive Pistol

This course is designed for the shooter who has the desire to shoot faster, more accurately and to be able to handle multiple assailants in extreme situations.  $145.00

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Intro to Defensive Carbine/Rifle

This class is created to introduce the Novice/Intermediate student to Combat Rifle Techniques.  $175.00

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Girls On Guard(GOG)

 This class provides the tactics and techniques students need to defend against attacks that are perpetrated by acquaintances.   $55.00

Fight Like A Woman(FLAW)

This class covers the most common sexual assault scenarios.   $55.00

Defense Against Weapons(DAW)

This course is designed to show how to defend yourself against an armed attacker.   $55.00

Weapons For Women(W4W)

This class teaches a streamlined approach that allows women to pick up any weapon and effectively use it.   $55.00

Security Training

Tier 3/DPS Armed Guard

This class meets and exceeds the training requirements for AZ DPS Armed Guard AND fulfills the Tier 3 24-hour annual training requirements for AZ state contracts. $200.00


Tier 2/Defensive Tactics

This class is required for Tier 2 AZ Security Guards, which are armed with less than lethal weapons. This training meets the Tier 2 16-hour annual training requirements for AZ State contracts.  $200.00

Unarmed Security Guard

This is the AZ DPS approved 8-hour class to qualify for an Arizona guard card. This class also satisfies the DPS requirements for a 2 year renewal. $100.00

Israeli Krav Maga Courses

Israeli Krav Maga Weekly Class

This class focuses on violent surprise attacks.  $70.00 per person/monthly

Level 1 – Introduction to Krav Maga Seminar

This class introduces the student to Krav Maga basics.   $95.00

Level II-Introduction to Knife Defense Seminar

This class introduces people to defend themselves against an attacker with a knife.   $95.00

Level III – Introduction to Gun Defense Seminar

This course is designed to educate people in various gun defenses.   $95.00

Level IV – Stick, Carbine and Ground Defense Seminar

This course covers stick and carbine defenses, and introduces the student to ground defenses.  $95.00


Extreme Defense Training Camp

Spend 1 to 3 days learning self defense using firearms, Krav Maga and more.

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Ladies Only Extreme Defense Camp

Learn reality based self defense for today’s woman.

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