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Firearms & Gear

Your life depends on it



 We have used a lot of different holsters and mag pouches in this business.  I met Jason Slisz about a year ago and was very impressed about his knowledge of holsters and how they SHOULD fit.  Jason is not just holster maker but is an avid shooter and student of the defensive arts. We started using TCB holsters and have been using them ever since.  We are happy with the design and the way it functions.  Great people, great product!



 We were seriously looking for rifle targets for our carbine classes when we met Taylor Bryant.  Taylor is a competition shooter who  continues to look for innovative designs in his product line.



Survival Gear

Need I say more



This is the place to order survival gear, from the Crovel to the Nax to bug-out bags.  Gear Up has cutting edge products that are practical to add to your supplies.  We personally use some of Tim Ralston’s gear and have found it very effective.



The Power of the Sun



This company has outstanding products.  It uses state-of-the-art, ground-breaking technology, gathered from around the world. We were impressed with the professional knowledge and attitude of the crew at Solarwerks!


Life’s Most Precious Asset



We have used Berkey Light Water Purifier for 7 years. We all know that clean drinking water is a  foundation to good physical health.

The Berkey Filteration System is the most advanced passive water filter available.  The Berkey Filter is powerful enough to filter raw, untreated water from sources like lakes, streams, rivers and ponds.

For those of you who only have city water available, this filter is a great way to get rid of the excess chemicals and dead bacteria found in your water as a result of the chemicals.

Those with access to well or spring water will find it filters out all the excess minerals that give the water an odor and/or funny taste.  Visit their website.

Cooking Essentials

Where Food Begins…



The Country Living Grain Mill is without doubt the most rugged manual grain mill on the market today. The Country Living Grain Mill will grind virtually all dry grains.

This Mill is the toughest mill, though it will not grind as fast as an impact chamber mill, or quite as fine of a flour (though close), but is much more versatile, as you can grind anywhere from cracking grains to a flour fine enough for bread. Oily grains/nuts such as peanuts and sesame will not hurt this mill, and they will on an impact chamber mill such as the Whisper Mill or Nutrimill.



 Lodge Cast Iron cookware is the best cooking pans available on the market today.  We have used Lodge pans for both indoor and outdoor cooking for many years.  They are durable, cook evenly and last a lifetime.


 We have two of these stoves and love them! It is rugged, compact, and portable. The Deadwood Stove uses sticks and small pieces of wood to operate, eliminating the need for propane, liquid fuels, charcoal, electricity, or large stacks of firewood.

It is efficent, easy to light, easy to operate, durable and has a 5 year warranty!

Love it!


 Rabbits are a good food source. One adult female will give birth to 8 kits every forty-five days. That’s 64 rabbits and 320 pounds of live weight per year! Their production rate not only rivals beef production, it blows the cattle industry out of the water! And to top it off, rabbits are much more efficient and drive the cost per pound down. Rabbits will produce 6 pounds of meat on the same feed and water as a cow will produce 1 pound of meat.  They are quiet and clean making them perfect for small yard neighborhoods.